The best way to make an appointment is to call the office between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. We see patients in the main office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday all day. Wednesday morning, we see patients at an auxiliary clinic in Yukon at the Canadian Valley Hospital Specialty Clinic. Wedneday afternoon, we try to reserve for office surgical procedures. Fridays are reserved for hospital surgical procedures and late afternoons, time permitting, office surgery.
Presriptions for routine non narcotic medications can be requested through your pharmacy via our on line e-prescribing system. We can also call in medications, if we know the name,dose and instructions for use, as well as your pharmacy. We only refill prescriptions originally written by Dr. Mosca. You MUST call for all narcotic prescriptions. To refill narcotics you may be required to be seen by the doctor first. No prescription will be refilled if we have not seen you within the prior 12 months.
Dr Mosca shares emergency room call with 1 other Urologist. If you need to talk to a Dr. Mosca during non office hours. please call the main office number 405-634-7727 for instructions. Calls to Dr. Mosca go to a secondary line at his home. If he is available, he simply answers the call otherwise, you will be instructed to leave your name and phone number on a special answering machine. The machine will page him and read your message to him over his cell phone.
On Call and Emergencies